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Hi Everybody,

I am proud to show you my page, created with the amazing Jreviews and Ireview Template. On my site I show my audience only positive news, heart touching videos and stories and wonderfull images.

It's an german site called:

I use Jreviews since July 2015 with Joomla.

How I use Jreviews:

- I use Social Buttons from AddThis. First I tried Sharethis but this buttons slowed the site.
- I am using Community Builder Plugin and their Facebook Login
- My Newsletter System is AcyMailing
- Fox Contac - Contact Forms
- SH404SEF
- JSitemap Pro

I could speed up that system from about 70 up to 94 % on Mobil Devices and 90 % on Desktop Version (but it depends how many people are on my site. I have to change to a managed server in the future). To speed up the system I use the following plugins and configuration:

Conservative Cachin on (15)
Session Cache Database (15)
htaccess (If you need more information let me know)
System Site Cache Plugin On - Browser Cachin on
Jquery Easy Plugin (If you need more information let me know)
JCH Optimize Pro (Optimum | HTML Minification: Advanced | Exclude addthis widget | Optimize CSS Delivery: 600)
Jreviews Storage Settings: Amazon S3

Orderin Plugins:

JQuery Easy >> JCH Optimize Pro >> System Sitecache

Maybe this could help someone.

I started to work on this project in July. Before it was just a site with 2000 pageviews. Now, after 2 month I count about 10.000 pageviews which is a good result in this short time I think.

I use Jreviews as a blogging tool where other people can write their own articles. After three years working with Joomla I tried K2, Easy Blog and the Joomla Tool. I always missed something. Jreviews brings everything what I missed... Review System, Filter, perfect Template, Categories, Video System, Amazon S3, Upload Feature, .....).

Thank you to the Jreviews Support Team. They helped me very good.

Best regards


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Kreatives Schreiben - Kleines Projekt mit ungeahnten Möglichkeiten:

Kreatives Schreiben - Kleines Projekt mit ungeahnten Möglichkeiten:
Schön zu sehen, dass es Leute gibt, die im Gegenteil zu mir nur das positive sehen können und wollen. Mal etwas anderes!

Posted on 2 September 2017 | 1:28 pm

Demo Partner: Neuer Gutscheincode

Demo Partner: Neuer Gutscheincode
Das ist toll

Posted on 23 August 2017 | 8:25 am

Nur positive Nachrichten:

Nur positive Nachrichten:
Lieber Daniel, seit gestern bin ich eine Gastautorin auf deiner wunderbaren Website. Es macht mir sooooooooooo viel Spaß und einer meiner Artikel ist bereits zu lesen "Hier sind 11Gratis-Ideen mit Glücksgarantie". Ich finde es wunderschön positive Dinge mit anderen Menschen t...

Posted on 2 August 2017 | 11:30 am

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